Herzlich Willkommen!
In 2012 Stuffany started out with hand-knit socks alongside unique craft projects for kids, toys, decoration, gifts...... all kinds of things.
The focus has shifted. 
In the past 5 years my home made jams, pretzels, spelt baguettes, almond cookies and streusels have become a staple. To meet the needs of my returning customers I don't find the time to produce much else. But that doesn't mean, that I might not find your special request intriguing enough to convince me to try to meet your needs. Just might take a while. :)
In the calendar you'll find date and time of the farmers' market where you'll find me with fresh baked German goodies.
My products change with the seasons and since everything is handmade from scratch and my very own idea each single item is loaded with love :)
Just click on "contact" and leave me a message for any kind of inquiry, custom order, or help I can offer.