Auf Wiedersehen!
In 2012 Stuffany started out with hand-knit socks alongside unique craft projects for kids, toys, decoration, gifts...... all kinds of things.
The focus has shifted. 
In the past 5 years my home made jams, pretzels, spelt baguettes, almond cookies and streusels have become a staple at the weekly Wednesday Union Street Farmers Market in Downtown Gainesville, Florida. Thanks to a broad base of returning customers my cottage food operation has outgrown its capacity. I'm no longer able to run it as a one-woman operation. I need help. Which means, I also need a certified kitchen to allow me to hire help, since there are no family members to support me.

As of September 30th 2017 "Stuffany-all kinds of things" is closing business to restructure and come back as a legitimate food business "Stuffany- all kinds of treats" 

Thank you all for your support!
It has been fun and I'm looking forward to being more present in Micanopy, Gainesville, and surrounding areas,